Announcement: First €500.000 funding

Announcing Salesnudge’s €500k funding: the next step towards improving sales performance.

Today, we are excited to announce the next step in our journey: the completion of our first €500k funding round. Belgian investment company LRM is the main investor, joined by VLAIO and BNP as a banking partner.

The hidden power of sales data

Too many sales teams leave the power of sales data untapped. More often than not sales decisions are based on assumptions, even though there’s an immense amount of information generated on a daily basis. This can for example be by input via the CRM or manually created reports in spreadsheets. The challenge here is twofold: sales managers don’t quite know how to tackle the problem of incorrect and inconsistent CRM usage and don’t have the means to automate reporting to save a lot of time.

This was the reason for Salesnudge’s inception in 2021. Since then, Salesnudge has been working on developing a SaaS solution to enable sales managers and their teams to unlock their full potential. Offering an intuitive solution to the challenges above, Salesnudge aids teams to consistently generate accurate sales data and insights, so sales managers can take well-informed and data-driven decisions. During the last few years, we are proud of having unlocked the full potential of sales teams in Belgium and boosted their sales performance by an average of 26%.

Salesnudge has already successfully been used to:

- Enable sales reps to correctly use the CRM

- Follow up timely with leads

- Detect flaws in the current sales strategy

- Act on CRM data

- Manage small sales team better

- Consistently close more deals

These initial achievements have enabled Salesnudge to start focusing on expanding their SaaS solution to a broader audience.

How it all started

What few people know is that Salesnudge found its origin after the coronavirus pandemic hit and sales all over the world got highly impacted, including the sales of our CEOs first company. After talking to 100+ sales managers from various industries, we discovered that sales managers are aware of the importance of a CRM but are having a difficult time drawing the right conclusions and actions from the data it contains.

When linking that knowledge to the fact that CRMs focussed on SMEs have been increasingly gaining popularity over the years, you just know most of those SMEs will be facing the challenge of leveraging their CRM and sales data correctly to increase sales performance.

Using data in sales to improve performance

These findings have formed the basis of Salesnudge’s inception and goal: helping SMEs get the most out of their sales data and team. The first CRM to integrate with was clear: Teamleader. A strong player in the Belgian and Dutch market, with a focus on SMEs. Together with early adopters such as SalesWise, Cralux and InterMedia ContentMakers we shaped our SaaS solution to allow them to act on their CRM data with clear, intuitive reporting and helped manage their team more efficiently through nudging. Things they couldn’t achieve before by just using their CRM.

“Salesnudge effortlessly translates all our data in Teamleader into clear dashboards and actionable insights. I know exactly how to support my team to be even more successful.”
~ Dimitri Van Eijk, Partner & Sales Manager at SalesWise

Scaling our solution beyond Teamleader

With funding secured we plan to further expand on the early success with Teamleader by expanding our list of supported CRMs. The funding will be used to expand our team, so we can set up integrations more efficiently and keep on developing our SaaS solution. Next year, clients can count on various features to be added that will further aid them in increasing sales performance. We are excited to start bringing added value to European SMEs and unlock their full potential.