When to have your sales meetings

What's the best time to organize your sales meetings?

No clear answer. You learn the most from those questions! During our last sales team lunch, we got completely captivated by the question: should we do our sales meeting on Monday or Friday, or maybe even at a different time?

We did some research and are happy to share our conclusion with you!

Majority goes for mighty Monday

Good start of the week! Planning the rest of the week together over a cup of coffee and let's get on with it. 60% of our clients choose Monday as their sales meeting day. We also have a completely ungrounded theory that this is more likely to be the "hunters" among sales managers, who like to follow and manage their team closely.

Famous (Family) Friday

Sales meeting on Friday. Looking back on the week, what went well and what can be improved. Perhaps with a glass of champagne or just sparkling water. Sharing learnings from the past week. There are often no client meetings on Fridays, so it is the ideal time to sit down with the whole team. Putting the CRM hygiene in order afterwards and heading into the weekend with peace of mind. The "farmer" sales managers seem to love Fridays. We noted that these also tend to be teams with more self-direction.

Surprising: dynamic Tuesday and Thursday

People are less in 'weekend-mode' and are already over the Monday blues on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The ideal time to organize an efficient sales meeting. Since corona, they have also become typical office days for many teams. Or as sales manager Bart put it: no coffee or champagne for our meeting, but sparkling water in the middle of the week. Worth considering if you ask us!

What we do at Salesnudge

The salesnudge team choice: a team meeting on Monday, strengthened by individual calls on Friday. We're going to track and adjust our choice based on data, of course. 

We'd also love to share the results from our poll on LinkedIn, just so you know we didn't just make this up out of thin air.


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