Ever thought about your CRM hygiene?

Have you ever thought about the hygiene of your CRM?

Good CRM data = happy sales. Your CRM hygiene, the consistent filling-in so to speak, is essential for a healthy sales organization. Salesnudge helps you keep your KPIs up-to-date. Which ones they are, is of course up to you to decide. Not sure how to maintain a good CRM hygiene? Here are our top ten questions that you can incorporate into your own sales strategy.

1. What stages do you have in your sales process?

How many steps do you have until a sale? Do you have a demo? Negotiation phase? Each phase you have needs to be kept in mind and then adjusted as needed.


2. Are all the deals added to the CRM in the first phase of the process?

At what point do you store anything in the CRM? The full lead list, only from when a call was made or only from when you got in touch with the right person? At Salesnudge, we swear by the latter.

3. When does an opportunity (or lead) become a deal?

Is the quote already a deal for you or is it only from a signed purchase order? It's very important to have a uniform definition in your organization so that the whole team uses the same process.

4. Which deal should have a follow-up, and when?

What is a good follow-up and at what time? This way you can manage sales based on your funnel. Not only the content, but also the timing is important. And by the way, best to make sure that every deal has a follow-up action at any time. Then you will always know the latest status for each deal.

5. Are all contact people added to your leads?

Do you expect all contacts, for when someone leaves, for example, or is one enough? If you only have one, do you put extra time into finding a second one or is one enough? Here again, it is important to have a uniform approach within your organization.

6. What data should definitely be included when you add a company or person?

Think name of course, but job title, email address and phone number can also be data you keep track of. Make a clear list of what data you definitely need and make it easier to close deals. Then it's up to the team to consistently add that data - something Salesnudge can help you with, by the way. 

7. Is the close date attached to the deal after the first call?

How realistic is it to already stick a close date after an initial conversation? It's uncertain, but at the same time quite important for your future pipeline and predictions. Not sure how to determine a close date after an initial conversation? Take the average time it takes for a deal to move throughout your sales funnel.

8. Are there any deals, appointments or tasks ... in the pipeline that are in the past?

Keep it clean! Anything that is out of date has to go. This is the only way to keep your CRM up-to-date and have an honest overview of your sales pipeline.

9. Does every completed appointment have a report?

Oh so important, but at the same time too often forgotten. "I'll remember that" or "I'll do that later" probably sound familiar, only to forget it completely. A meeting without a report wastes a ton of valuable information.

10. How long can a deal stay in a particular phase?

Determine for each phase in your sales funnel how long a deal can remain in it. It provides a clear framework for your team to prioritize and tackle deals that are stuck.

Finally. Want predictable revenue? Then make sure your CRM hygiene is on point, because that is the basis for good and insightful sales metrics!